The most delicious strawberries...

...made with love.

We absolutely love tradition here at HG Eerenburg. Which is why we shower so much attention on our field strawberries. Field strawberries are becoming increasingly rare in the Netherlands, even though they're just as tasty. So our decision to cultivate outdoors actually makes us quite unique.

At the same time, we understand that people would like nothing better than to eat strawberries all year round, at special occasions for example. That's why we also cultivate strawberries on racks. It allows us to extend the season in a sustainable way and with love. Because that's how you get the most delicious strawberries.

Take a look for yourself!

Would you like to see how we treat the strawberries at HG Eerenburg? See for yourself in our company video.

Fresh from the field...

At HG Eerenburg, we select the best strawberry varieties such as Harmony, Sonata and Elsanta in the autumn and plant them out in March. Depending on the weather, our harvesting season begins at the end of May/beginning of June.

...healthy food handed to you on a plate!

Here at EG Eerenburg, we cultivate the most delicious strawberries. They are a beautiful red colour and full of flavour. Just as they are. No added sugar necessary. They taste best left just as they are. And that's clear from the first bite.